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Do you have a health related question? We're here to help! Just head over to our homepage at and a space is waiting for you to help you ask a question. Questions may include anything related to health, nutrition, wellness, medicine and much more. The question must be atleast 50 characters and to the max 500 characters in length for us to understand your condition properly.


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When you ask a question, it is important for you to provide us details about yourself. These details compulsarily include your age and gender. You can also provide your height and weight details. These details are important as our medical experts / doctors need it to properly understand the question. You can provide your contact no. in the My Profile section, it would help us reach out to you on your mobile phone through SMS, whenever a question of yours is answered.


Check Disclaimers

This step would also include checking off of disclaimers also, as they are important to keep the relation between you and us healthy and to keep in check any disagreements that may happen in case of unavoidable/problematic situations.


Enter Your Symptoms / Medical History

Your symptoms / medical history is the most important detail that our medical experts / doctors require to answer the question that you asked. If the question is relative to your health, your medical history / symptoms will play a key role in making our medical experts / doctors take the most appropriate decisions and provide you with the best answers possible to your question.

If you currently are on some medication, you can mention it in the space provided in this step. Also, if you're Logged In to Doctorprobe, you can upload reports / medical files on the website. These files will then be reviewed by our medical experts / doctors to provide you more detailed answers.


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Once all the necessary details are provided, Doctor Probe is ready to upload your question to our medical experts / doctors online.


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Every question that you ask here is chargeable (Except when using coupon/promo codes). The questions that you ask require you to spend DoctorProbe Points. Each DoctorProbe point is money converted to virtual coins to make it manageable for you to spend points on questions. After providing the details you will have to log in to DoctorProbe to buy credits or use the credits you might already have in your account.

Pricing of DP Credits

DP Credit Cost Each Query DP Points Each Subquery DP Points
₹ 10 25 Credits 15 Credits

Get Answer to your Question

Once credits are purchased and used up for asking a question. The timer starts and it becomes our responsibility to study and analyse the question you asked and come up with a proper and medically perfect answer. When our medical experts / doctors are ready with an answer, we will make sure that we notify it to you on your E - Mail and SMS (if contact is provided). So that you can get the answer to the question as soon as possible.